The Fruitful Life Learning Community 

is the ministry strategy of Chris and Carol Green's mandate to SERVE the spiritually and emotionally lost, the forgotten, and those who need to know that they can overcome.


Having been through countless times of unemployment, two home foreclosures, two rental property evictions, been homeless, experienced two car repossessions, seen credit scores so low that it was a joke, been denied opportunities, been betrayed, been victims of fraud, been swindled, been wounded warriors, all while learning to always stay faithful to God and to one another; they now provide apostolic and caring oversight, gentle guidance, and spiritual support of home-gathering churches, faith communities, and families.


This Life Service includes: 

  • Communities of Seekers (Home-gathering Fellowships and Groups)

  • Weekly Zoom Prayer Meetings

  • Monthly Zoom Hearts and Homes Gatherings

  • Support of Local, National and Global Missions and Outreach

  • Weekly YouTube Broadcasts​

  • Access to Prayer Watch and Devotionals

  • Access to Digital Library of video and audio podcasts


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