Mission and Vision

Chris and Carol Green

The FRUITFUL LIFE NETWORK is our collaborative and interconnected relationship between our ministry, school and business with other ministries, organizations, outreaches, initiatives, and movements that are working behind the scenes and under the radar, but having great impact in hearts and homes. It is also a directory and database of resources, information and connections for community outreach, human service, government, education and faith-based leadership.


Vision: Rebuilding, Restoring and Renewing Hearts and Homes

Mission: To foster healthy relationship connections and build healthy leadership connections in households, neighborhoods and communities.


What do we do? We synergies experiential wisdom and success from ministries and individuals across the United States and around the world to help build and encourage:

  • families

  • households

  • businesses

  • communities

The collective impact of this online depot and the unique connections within this Network:

  • provides leadership training for the home, community and ministry

  • helps people grow and develop in a holistic, healthy way

  • empowers leaders to triumph over inner limitations and obstacles 

  • equips leaders to become more effective and fruitful in their personal and professional lives

The Fruitful Life Network is expressed primarily through:

  • Our Ministry

  • Our Online School

  • Our Business