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This Time

Songs to build your faith and prepare your heart and home for healing.


These songs were written in the context of great trials as Chris and Carol, 

with their sons, crossed through a wilderness season of their life and ministry.


It is their hope that these songs will become a source of encouragement to strengthen your family in the difficult seasons of life.




The Song and The Sword 

(Song and Scripture)


This Time*

This song was written immediately following a Friday night gathering session. While listening to a music track written and performed by

*Gary Foster, Chris and Carol took a pen and paper and wrote the lyrics spontaneously. 



Such Knowledge

From Psalm 139, Chris and Carol wrote this song from a teaching to encourage youth to see themselves the way God sees them.



Unto You

Chris wrote this song in response to their failed attempt to start a ministry in PA.



Continue With Jesus (remix)

From Luke 22:28, this is a remix of original released in 2000. Chris wrote this song while teaching about perseverance. 



I Just Know We Win

This song was written to encourage the church family.



King's Kids

from John 14:18, Chris wrote this song while teaching the church family about kinship with Kingship. 



I Will Rejoice In Him (reprise)

Chris and Carol sang this as part of praise and worship.




Chris wrote this song while making the decision to accept the call to be a senior pastor. 

Lord Most High (reprise)

Chris wrote: I remember the night after my brother died, sinking deep in grief, no more tears to cry.

So I got up out of my bed, threw both hands over my head. And though heavy in my pain, I had to praise God anyway.




Chris wrote this song with his eldest son Christopher Michael to encourage the church family.



Brand New Move of God

Chris wrote this song a few months after moving to Pennsylvania.


All songs publishing and copyrights through Metro Arts Publishing and/ or Heart of the Nation Music


Performance rights through BMI.


Church Copyrights through Church Copyright Licensing Inc. (CCLI)


Chris and Carol Green are affiliate BMI songwriters.


Their songs are administrated by Metro Associates, Inc. (Metro Arts Productions Division)


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