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Chris Green

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The Honor Role


Today, I call upon men to stand up and defend your family in the most fundamental way. Be honorable as men, husbands and fathers. Learn what it means to love and cherish your wife. Learn the most effective ways to build a legacy that will benefit both your daughters and your sons.


Most of all, let's learn how to honor one another as brothers.


It all began when I wrote a letter to the mayor of the City of St. Louis back in the 1990's, in protest of several special interest groups who were presenting political views and social movements that, I felt, were detrimental to my efforts as a husband of a loving woman, and a father of three African American boys. 


For years, hard-working, committed, tax-paying citizens like me,

have been told that if we disagree with the changes in society, we

must remain silent and don't try to force our views on anyone else.


But what was I supposed to do when the views of others were forced upon me by extreme liberal initiatives that could prove to be very destructive to my little family? 


Why did the economical success of others have to be paved by the blood of our unborn Black children?


Why was the dismantling of traditional/natural marriages and families in the Black community necessary for the advancement of political correctness?

Why did freedom of speech not apply to a traditional Black family?

Why was a traditional Black family, birthed from traditional, natural marriage, being frowned upon, discouraged and attacked?


Why were our "pastors" and other Black political leaders, aligning themselves to causes that were literally wiping out the necessary foundational elements that could build the traditional Black family and the communities that they anchored?


I had no answers when I wrote that first letter, but I have a little more experience now. I am not a political expert. I don't represent a political party. I am not a scholastic theologian. I don't represent the evangelical, right-wing, Tea Party conservatives.


I've lost jobs, suffered two home foreclosures, been swindled, defrauded, denied, and cast aside. But in spite of every setback, my wife and I have come roaring back as life educators and coaches. 


We have 40+ years of a happy and strong marriage experience, having  successfully raised three adult sons; and we having life-coached scores of young women and men who are now moving forward with purpose in their lives. 


I always felt that the best thing I could ever give to my children was a father who loved their mother. And that's all I have to offer the world today; an African American father who loves his wife and family.

So, why is my existence and expression seen as a threat?


- Christopher G. Green



The HONOR Role 

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The HONOR Role





The HONOR Role

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The HONOR Role





The HONOR Role





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