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Love Songs


This collection of love songs, written by Chris Green, celebrates anniversaries, the wedding day (from the parent's point of view),

and other  special or intimate moments. From wedding day songs like, What God Alone Has Joined to mood songs like Takes My Breath Away, this production features music and lyrics for husbands and wives who are making a serious effort to help their relationship last a life time.




Love Song Medley




What God Alone Has Joined (2015 Remix)




Takes My Breath Away








My Girl, Carol




I Found You (Pre-Mix)




I'd Do It Again




Spend My Life With You (Remix)




Meant To Be




What God Alone Has Joined




Spend My Life With You (Original Mix)







All songs publishing and copyrights through Metro Arts Publishing and/ or Heart of the Nation Music


Performance rights through BMI.


Church Copyrights through Church Copyright Licensing Inc. (CCLI)


Chris and Carol Green are affiliate BMI songwriters.


Their songs are administrated by Metro Associates, Inc. (Metro Arts Productions Division)

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