Listen. Lift. Launch.

Get Empowered and Be Effective the CARE-Ready™ Way

Chris and Carol Green

When we watched inspirational TV shows in which people had their houses rebuilt and restored, we would always say that we want to see that kind of work take place in hearts and relationships.


That dream was fulfilled and we've been able to do it. 


And we now offer the same opportunity for you to

  • gain a healthy understanding of who you really are,

  • make genuine connections that last,

  • begin fulfilling that dream of helping people, and 

  • get empowered and be more effective.

We invite you to start your journey today, whether to get life coaching, get training, or to get certified.

Are you ready? Come on. We’re here to help.


“Talk about a power couple....

Thank you Chris & Carol Green for an amazing opportunity! I recommend them to anyone that is serious about taking service to a higher level.” 

— Vladimir B, Founder and CEO of Sound Community Solutions